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Perception Neuron ( Axis Neuron 3.5.24 ) not working with Iclone6

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Nathan Cherubino
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Perception Neuron ( Axis Neuron 3.5.24 ) not working with Iclone6

Hi there... Watching the video on Youtube " Iclone Live Mocap with Perception Neuron " it seems so easy and straight forward that I bought the Iclone6 Pro version 6.3 straight away...  I know there is no problem with my Perception Neuron ( I have a neuron full body motion )... Axis Neuron version 3.5.24.  The suit works perfectly without Iclone6 Pro 6.3.. I have a USB connecting the suit to my PC. I followed all the steps in Settings - Broadcasting ... ( TCP window ) - BVH - Port 7001     On Output Format - BVH data- Frequency Reducing 1 ----- Block type- Binary ----- Rotation - YXZ ----- Displacement Box tick. To acsses the Animation interface I am not using the Modify Character > Animation > Device Mocap window.... instead I am using Top Menu > Animation > Device Mocap. When I press connect I get a Iclone Reminder window with the message " Load Device Mocap Plug-in Failed. Please check that your Mocap device plug-in is operating correctly ....." I spent many hours trying to come up with a solution but no luck. Any help is welcome. 


Hello Nathan !
iClone 6.3 and Axis Neuron work fine for me.
Make sure you updated at least to iClone 6.3.2422.1 because of a bug in earlier 6.3 versions.
I assume you installed the Reallusion Beta live mocap plug in for Perception Neuron v1.0 2015/10/12.
Load a Character in iClone and make sure it is marked (bounding box shown) - this is what I missed in the first place and it did not work . . . ;-)
Axis Neuron must be active and either have a live character present or playback a raw recording. So live streaming via TCP is broadcasting data.
Then go to the top menu Plugins in iClone and choose the Neuron Mocap Plug-in.
A window with a body layout and two buttons Preview and Record should be there.
First push Connect on top (Local). Preview and Record should be become highlighted and alive.
Then hit preview for testing the mocap data broadcasting or record to capture data within iClone.
Body and finger motions should appear on your iClone Avatar . ..

I hope you are successful by now ...





I have the same problem.
Using iClone Pro 6.53 Pro Trial and Axis Neuron
Neuron connection works fine with Unity.

I can see no Plugins menu at the top. Is this plugin not included in a Trial version of iClone?


The Reallusion Noitom Mocap beta plug-in was only available when registering one year ago.
But the beta ended and you can't get it any more since the release of the Perception Neuron Mocap plug-in in August 2016.
Now there are two commercial plug-ins for one or two Noitom suits in the shop called Perception Neuron Solo and Duo.
But no trial versions.



Nathan Cherubino
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Thats right. The free neuron plugin doesn't work anymore. I bought Iclone7, Faceware, the commercial Perception Neuron Plugin for Iclone7 and its working flawless now. Good stuff.


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