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Perception Neuron FBX files to Unreal Engine workflow

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Dream Vial
Perception Neuron FBX files to Unreal Engine workflow

Hello all,

I am having trouble figuring out what to do after exporting my animations from Axis Neuron as FBX and importing them into Unreal Engine 4. I imported the animations and paired it with a character that has the UE4 mannequin's skeletal mesh. The mesh is severely deformed whenever it plays the animations. I have tried to troubleshoot this myself but my limited knowledge of getting this to work I think is making this more complicated than it should be so I thought I might just pose this question to you guys.

If anyone uses PN with Unreal Engine 4, can you give me the general procedure you go through to use the animations in your project?



Hey Dream Vial!

We've created a solution to get Perception Neuron animations out of Axis Neuron and in to the program of your choice (Unity, Unreal, CryEngine,  etc...)

I've recorded a tutorial video you can view here and our asset is available on our website here

Feel free to email us or comment with any questions :)
Joseph Yannessa
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