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Perception Neuron Mocap - Reconsider the purpose

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Perception Neuron Mocap - Reconsider the purpose

We did the whole body and finger mocap with the 32-neuron setup, and the shooting quality looked great inside Axis Neuron pro. However, once we export and target people in Unity, the fingers are completely wrong. Anyone encountered this and figured out how to fix it? We do not have a dedicated animator, so learn as we continue this.

We are using Morph3D, and have even tried re-targeting within MotionBuilder directly to the M3D skeleton, baking, and exporting and then trying to target back inside Unity that way, but The problem is still there.

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i dont know how to fix it, but the problem is in T-POSE of the NoitomRobot's model binding. fingers has diferent position and rotation. my big finger on noitiom skeleton has wrong position.

there are two options, to fix MB plugin, or to make rig same as NoitomSkeleton


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