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the Perception Neuron - Neuron not detecting

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the Perception Neuron - Neuron not detecting


I am reaching out to you to find help with a problem we have with our Perception Neuron system - purchased December 2015.

Our system was a full body 32-sensor system, and ever since it arrived we couldn’t use it to do full body motion capture, because the right leg was not working.

Since it was an experimental purchase for our studio, we prioritized it’s use, and have tried it only twice more in the past few years - the last had been a few weeks ago. The problem persists - we see no connection for the right leg (screenshot below - in the link).!AgDZI7KRpdAXzFXyNl-N3PeQcMtM


We have tried

  • Reseting/Updating each individual neurons,
  • Using different power banks/power sources
  • Switching neurons for the right leg with other neurons


I suspect there might be an issue with our right leg connection, and the neurons might not be the problem. Please let me know your views.

We use motion capture often in our animation projects, and recently we wanted to focus properly on shifting to Perception Neuron system as a solution. 

Please help us identify what is the issue with our existing system, what we need to do/purchase to fix this - so we can move forward and consider purchasing more Perception Neuron systems.

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