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Perception Neuron is not good

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Perception Neuron is not good

I'm a programmer in an animation studio. When our company acquired a PN suit, I was really hoping that it would be the mocap solution we've been looking for. It turned out quite the opposite. Perception Neuron sensors
are extremely temperamental, it drifts off, require lots of recalibrations, innacurate, jitters and it's a proprietary hell. The proprietary software is quite useless when using a third party software like unity, but it still need to run in the background. PN Unity sdk is not good, since getting our humanoids to work with PN requires our humanoids to be rerigged their way which makes zero sense. In the end we had to use a third party reparenting script to get our humanoids to work with the suit which is not the out of the box solution. The axis neuron export doesn't work with our humanoids while our humanoids are a standard humanoid rig that 100% would work with any anim clip you throw at. This having to adapt to PN proprietary everything is what made us leave PN and went with better, non restrictive, more reliable solution that respects our current setup.

Having to adapt to your proprietary system is very restricting when there's already a set standard for humanoid rigging (unity, blender, 3dsmax). Why can't PN adapt to the standard 3d humanoid rigging system? It's like having your house remodeled for a trapezoid shape door when all your doorways are rectangular.

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