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Perception Neuron Retargetting project for Unity

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Your script is AWESOME but Im having this one last problem. What does "Assign Fingers do? When I click on "Assign Fingers", my model snaps into T-pose and floats around its root joint axis...weird. Also, after we figure this out I really need to send you some sort of gift! What address can i send it to? Thank you for your help!!!!!

Dale Wyatt

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Hello, How do you use this script? Do you put it somewhere in Axis Neuron, Or unity itself? 
Because I use poser 11 and if I remeber right unity and poser uses the same type of bvh files.



Hi I'm new to this and kinda newish to unity.
I've been checking out the files and scrips. I'm attempting to trial and error my way through this example file.

I did figure out how to use the plugin. Because I'm importing my own characters from another program I made them for is was not easy figuring out how to make this plugin work.
There were a couple things I litteraly wasted hours on that could have been explained in seconds by the person that made it. Like manually retargetting. By numericly adding a number to increase the join fields to even link them. Then once you get them you just have to assume it's hierchy from top to bottom represents the tree used for the robot.. cuz, why use names... I mean cmon thats so frustrating and so unintuitve. 

Thank you taking the time to make the script but I value my time too.


Hey Trev, if you felt my script wasted your time, you don't have to use it. I made it for myself for my own projects and figured I'd be nice and share it with the community. I wrote all over, everywhere, that this retargetting was meant for characters rigged using Mixamo and that works quite simply... if you didn't use Mixamo, then you gotta do some extra stuff to make it work... each model and rig is different, so it's hard to say EXACTLY what everyone needs to do to make their model work. If you feel my script wasted your time.... then you could just write your own version like I did.... That, or if you have trouble with the script, just send me an email and I can help you with it -- just like I have helped many other people. Rather than be negative and complain about something you got for FREE.... why not send emails, communicate, and ask people for help rather than sitting in the dark and getting frustrated? If you wasted your time, that's your own fault and don't blame me for your decisions.

Also, I am currently rewriting the script and making it much easier to work with practically every model, it's a project I am working on in my free time (which I don't have much of). I am trying to make it that it will work with any model and make it as simple as possible to setup. This will make it easier for everyone to use and hopefully help save people time.


thank you for hardwork!,I mean it.   by the way,the new script is finished or not?



first of all, thank you for sharing this Unitiy project.
I would like to react to the pressing of the zero button in Axis Neuron.
Unfortunately, I am still a beginner in Unity.
Does anyone have a tip for me on how I get it?

I've tried to check within "PNRetargetting.cs" in the function "Update" the values of "PNMainBodyJoints [0] .localPosition" to (0,0,0) or (0,1,0).
Does not work.
Is this the wrong approach or the wrong place?



You mean, you want to 'zero out' the character in Unity just like clicking the 'zero' button in Axis Neuron? I haven't looked at Axis Neuron in 2 years or so... but when I used it before, I couldn't find anyway to do it. Check the Unity PN documentation... or email Noitom and ask. I too would want to know if there is a way since it is pretty important. Other than that, maybe a better way than constantly 'zeroing out' is to use a Vive tracker or HMD to get absolute position of the character so that you don't need to constantly be zeroing out because of drift.

Check out this video:


Hi, the script is not finished, but I got it mostly in a working state, just need to test it and make it pretty... it has been put on hold and hiatus though since I am inbetween jobs now and am trying to focus on making money. If I get some free time and see a potential for making some money by working on it, then I can start to focus on it again. For now, focusing on doing Mixed Reality stuff and trying to make a sellable product using that technology.


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