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Plugin for Motion Builder 2017 x64?

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Plugin for Motion Builder 2017 x64?

I had the Motion Builder 2016 version and it worked perfectly with the plugins Motion Builder 2016 x64 from this website. But then I had to update my motion Builder to 2017 version and now I have not plugin for MB 2017, what can I do? because the 2016 motion builder version is not available again.

Thank you all!

EDIT:  They answered me by e-mail, so you can close the thread.


I'm having the same issue. Downloaded motion builder to test the live connection and the 2016 plugin is not compatible with the MB 2017 version. Can you guys please release an update?


So is there a download link somewhere to the latest 2017 version?




When is the update coming?

Ben Chan


Can you please say something about when the Motionbuilder 2017 plugin will be available? A lot of users needing it asap! Thx :)



It's been 6-months since MotionBuilder 2017 was released but still no official response from Noitom. 
Maybe another support ticket will get us some attention..


Also, as expected, the 2.0.85 Plugin installer ( does not place a .dll in MotionBuilder 2017's plugin dir (C:\Users\....\Desktop\Perception Neuron MB Plugin\Plugins\MB\MB2016\X64). Screenshot: 

As expected, when manually copying ...\Perception Neuron MB Plugin\Plugins\MB\MB2016\X64\noitom_perception_robot.dll into MotionBuilder 2017's plugin directory, I receive the following error when launching MotionBuilder 2017:


I emailed regarding the status of MotionBuilder 2017 support. Here's the email:

Customers have been requesting information on the status of the MotionBuilder 2017 which was released in July 2016. There has been no official response on the forums at

What is the status of plugin support for MotionBuilder 2017?


lcalderon (Noitom)
We are well aware of the current customer request, however, at the moment we do not have any news in regards to the status of motion builder.
Feel free to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER in order to be aware of any future announcements.


and now 2018 is out... facepalms.. get your act together pros will ditch you and you will go out of business at this rate!

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Thank you for the feedback. We have just released updated versions of Axis Neuron and Unreal Plugin for Perception Neuron. We working to get a new Mobu plugin for Perception Neuron available this month. 

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