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PN 2.0 Axis will not connect to HUB

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PN 2.0 Axis will not connect to HUB

So, I don't know if Im just missing a step, because the various guides seem to leave some important information out, but I've setup my suit and plugged the hub into the computer via the data USB cable, it beeps, and the red light "breaths" to indicate standby on both the hub and the sensors, but the Axis software doesn't seem to recognize any hardware to connect to.  The "Connect" button opens an 'equipment list' that is empty.

This is on a Mac running high sierra.


Has this issue been solved? I have the same problem on Windows 10. I plug the hub in, the the pulsing red light, open axis neuron and try to connect and the software cannot see anything.

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Please see the following notes on this forum topic


I too am having this problem. Steps in the above link followed to no avail. running newest version of Axis, also tried with an older version. Hub connects to some computers but not the one I need it to

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