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Unity Humanoid Import of Animation

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Unity Humanoid Import of Animation

We are trying to apply PN animations to our character in Unity. From what we've read on here, it should work on a "recorded" animation using the unity humanoid skeleton.
However, when we import it, the lower regs are wobbly and the retargeting reports large errors, up to 20mm. 

What is the proper way to export from Axis Neuron and get it to work with the unity humanoid?



If anyone else encounters this, here is the solution we found:
The FBX out of Axis neuron is not actually compatible with Unity humanoid. It will "work" but will be full of errors, especially in the feet.
To test this, we even used the Neuron Robot from the PN Unity package, and it looked bad too.

We export it to WebAnimate, use their retargeting, and then export to FBX. Then it looked accurate in unity.
You can probably do the same thing with Blender/Max/Maya.

If you are reading from PN, a great feature to add would be an export option that is a Unity FBX.

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