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Unity SDK 0.2.7 Collider

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Unity SDK 0.2.7 Collider

Hi everyone !
I'm doing some tests in Unity with the suit and I have a problem...
I would like to do simple interaction with objects in the environment like push some cubes.
But in Unity when I go to Neuron>skeletonTools I can find the collider but I need it and when I look at the script I have this line

//DEFUNCT in version 0.2.7. Colliders have been moved to Notiom Interaction SDK (June 2017).

I searched everywhere the Notiom Interaction SDK but didn't find it...

Can anybody help me ? 

Thank you !  


Umut Yazgan

I've also been looking for a way to interract with objects in the environment in Unity with no luck. Have you found a way to do it?

Umut Yazgan

Alright here is what I came up with: I added rigidbodies to NeuronRobot_MultiMesh prefab using Skeleton Tools. Then I manually added convex mesh colliders to every child object of Robot_Reference that does not have "Robot_" prefix on its name.

I think the same effect can be achived like this: select Neuron > Resources > Models > NeuronRobot_MultiMesh (SingleMesh may also work, I haven't tried) in the Project view, check "Generate Colliders" box in Model tab in Inspector, click apply at bottom right of Inspector Model tab, add the model on your scene, and then add Neuron Animator Instance or any other necessary scripts to your new model.

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