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Updating Firmware

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Studio Local
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Updating Firmware

We are having some major issues with our mocap suit whereby it fails to connect at all now and we get a warning saying "no sensors detected". We have double checked every connection and every neuron in the suit and have all of the LED's breathing.

We are wondering if the neurons needed to be updated to the latest firmware but we're nervous to do this because of the stern warning saying something like "update firmware may be hazardous to your hardware".

Has any one ever updated their neurons and have the hardware fail on them?



I get this issue on 2 neurons.. but I've upgraded the firmware for the hub. Any help will be appreciated.


kyle ashley

I had this error,  i got a possible work around from Ramesh Debur and it has allowed me to keep partially using the suit althrough the dammage must still be there:
" there is a 'pogo pin" on the Lt Shoulder sensor that is having a dummy cover. I connected the hub to that socket and was able to get green on all the sensors of the upper body Strap. "

i mailed your company with details, check your contact address, im in Tauranga.  Call me 0211522594
Kyle Ashley

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We test our firmware updates thoroughly prior to releasing them to our users. Please update your HUB and NEURONS to the latest firmware using our AXIS NEURON software here

There are times  NEURONS have a breathing light and do not get detected by NEURON DOCTOR. This happens because the NEURON is stuck on startup and could not refresh. Using a prop cable, connect a (GOOD) NEURON with NEURON DOCTOR and later swap out and place a (BAD) NEURON. Disconnect and Reconnect to the NEURON through NEURON DOCTOR, this should force refresh your (BAD)NEURON to detect its current firmware. If succesful, you should be able to update the firmware on the NEURON sensors.

If you find the NEURON to be non-responsive, please contact us at contact@neuronmocap.com



Where can I download the firmware from?

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