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Want to buy a used Perception Neuro Pro

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Want to buy a used Perception Neuro Pro

I am looking for a used Perception Neuro Pro, preferentially from someone also based in Europe.

Contact me at marten döt lienen ät gmail döt com to discuss price, condition, shipping etc. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Decode my email as follows: döt -> . and ät -> @.


Hello I have one that I would like to get rid of.  I have two and right now my workload only needs two.  They were both bought this year.  The one that I would part with has been used twice.  I could not figure out your email.  Also I am not in Europe I am in the United State.  Specifically Maine.


Can you confirm the version of Maya you are using? Feel free check out:

black magic for lost love back


Can you tell me why we use this?

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