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Where is the iclone Plugin Download for purchasers of the bundle

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Where is the iclone Plugin Download for purchasers of the bundle

I recently purchased the 32 neuron rig that is supposed to come with the Iclone solo plugin download. The rig arrived quickly but I have not received any information or download link for the iclone plugin which as a long time iclone user is one of the main reasons I purchased it.  I've opened a support ticket as well. Has anyone experienced this as the order fulfillment should include more information for steps to obtain the software as there's nothing that I received at any rate.  IN fact in my account on the website here it still lists my order as processing even though I received the rig.  Hopefully someone can shed some light and adjust the order fulfillment information to include details for customers.


Are these forums monitored by PN? I haven't gotten any feedback on my support ticket from last Friday on this matter, which I would think would be a fairly simple forwarding of my download link. But now it has me concerned as I paid for it with my order.


Update, Help Desk sent me an email with downloa information and serial numbers thank you.  I'd receommend that this takes place at time of purchase though for future customers to avoid confusion

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Hello WolfzoneDigial,
Thank you for your feedback. We will make note of it and speed this process.

Thank you!


Still waiting on my downloads

Dustin Thacker


I just purchased the package that includes the iclone mocap.  I have the setup but nothing about the motion live mocap software.  I sent an email and waiting on a response.  I see the comments above and not pleased with the process.  When complaints like this come, you need to take the opportunity to improve.  If the information is not given at purchase, include it in the physical package.  Please respond ASAP, I am ready to use.

Steven Totty

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