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The Perception Neuron 3 is the world's smallest IMU sensor-based, full-body motion capture system. PN3 makes it possible to record motion data anywhere without any space, lighting and environmental constraints.

Perception Neuron 3 is completely wireless and can be used in any condition both indoors or out, without occlusion, cameras or line-of-site restrictions. With a new algorithm, new software, and new API, Perception Neuron 3 offers a robust solution for indie and professional filmmakers, animators, researchers, stage performers, and educators.

Noitom Perception Neuron 3 Intertial Body Sensor for virtual production mocap motion capture suit system

Inertial Body

Perception Neuron 3 is the world's smallest wireless motion capture system. measuring 27.9x16.2x11.6mm and weighing 4.1 grams.

Noitom Perception Neuron Studio Studio Transceiver for virtual production mocap motion capture suit


The Perception Neuron 3 Transceiver allows you to communicate via USB. This small transceiver connects directly to your computer.

Noitom Perception Neuron Studio Studio Transceiver for virtual production mocap motion capture suit

Charging Hub

The PN3 charging docks store, charge and calibrate the sensors when placed inside. Each dock holds up to six sensors.


Screenshot of Noitom robot inside axis studio software for mocap motion capture suit system

Perception Neuron 3 works with Axis Studio software for motion capture.

Record fast, dynamic motions and capture full-body performance with only a minimal setup. Perception Neuron 3 gives you an all-in-one motion capture solution that you can build based on your own workflow.

Axis Studio provides new tools such as real-time environment awareness to identify areas of magnetic interference and data processing to improve capture quality. The intuitive software easily navigates, captures, records, and exports files.

Axis Studio software supports up to 3 performers at a time while managing up to 23 sensors for the body and fingers.

  • Capture and Record Motion Data
  • Export Motion Capture Data to FBX and BVH Files
  • Contact Point Editing
  • Noise Reduction with Smooth Factor Process
  • Free Data Forwarding to Third Party Software
  • Native Integration to Unity, Unreal, Notch, Maya, and more
  • Body Size Preset

Versatile Working Modes

Perception Neuron 3 offers different working modes to fit your needs whether you're doing a twitch stream, full body capture for a film or an animated game animation.

Easy to Integrate

The system is suitable for an array of mocap applications including animation, VFX, game development and stage performance.

Skeleton Selection

Select a skeleton from a variety of software applications like Unreal Engine, Maya, Mixamo, and easily stream or import your mocap data into any rig with the same skeleton.


Noitom Perception Neuron Pro

Designed to be portable, Perception Neuron 3 comes in a travel size EVA case making capturing on the go a breeze. Free of walls, light and occlusion, it is possible to mocap anywhere. ­

The PN3 charging docks are designed to hold and recharge all six sensors at once. Once the sensors' full battery is restored, the charging session ends automatically.

Perception Neuron 3 offers high-accuracy finger tracking. Our unique design gives all creators the ability to create professional-grade captures.


Due to high demand of our PN3 motion capture solution, orders placed today will ship in October 2021


Perception Neuron 3 Noitom Inertial Mocap Motion Capture full body tracking system




Perception Neuron 3 Noitom Mocap Motion Capture finger tracking gloves



Body Suit

Perception Neuron Noitom Inertial Mocap Motion Capture full body tracking system




PN3 is the world’s smallest wireless motion capture system in the market. The Perception Neuron 3 is part of the Perception Neuron product line that includes Perception Neuron 32, Perception Neuron Pro and Perception Neuron Studio motion capture systems.

No. They each utilize a different software.

The PN32 V2 uses Axis Neuron Software.
The PN Pro uses Axis Neuron Pro Software.
The PN Studio and the PN3 utilize the Axis Studio Software.

Palm Cirmumference

Measure around the hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb).

Middle Finger Length

Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of middle finger.

Palm 6.3 - 7.5 in 7.5 - 8.7 in 8.7 - 9.8 in
  16 - 19 cm 19 - 22 cm 22 - 25 cm
Midfinger 2.5 - 2.9 in 2.9 - 3.3 in 3.3 - 3.7 in
  6.5 - 7.5 cm 7.5 - 8.5 cm 8.5 - 8.5 cm

The size is for reference only. The margin of error of the elastic fabric is about 1-3 mm or 0.04-0.12 in.
The actual size can vary from person to person.

No. They utilize different gloves.

No. The PN Pro does not support finger capture.

No, although they both use Axis Studio Software, both systems cannot be used at the same time.

  • The PN3 system has a 3-sensor finger hand capture, while PN Studio provides a full five-sensor finger hand capture.
  • PN3 caps at 60 fps capture while the PN Studio is able to track fast movements at up to 240 fps.
  • While the PN3 utilizes a single transceiver, the PN Studio transceiver can add a wider range of coverage by chaining multiple transceivers together.
  • PN3 can track 3 performers simultaneously while the PN Studio can track up to 5.
  • The PN3 and the PN Studio have a relatively similar battery life.
  • PN3 has a modular dock. The PN Studio and the PN Pro have a charging case.
  • PN3 has a new comfortable and secure strap system that is wider than PN Studio and PN Pro.
  • the PN3 is wireless, PN32 is not. The PN Pro and the PN Studio are wireless as well.
  • The PN3 and the PN Studio have optional finger capture gloves, the PN Pro does not.

We will be offering academic discounts in the near future.

Pre launch sale supersedes reallusion discount.

If you are within one of our current shipping destinations, we will start shipping in early June, for batch 1 of pre-orders. Batch 2 is slated for the end of June. *dates are subject to change.

No, PN3 has a total of 3 total sensors in each glove.

Customers within distributor territories will be able to begin placing their orders in the near future.

Sensor Size: 27.9mm x 16.2mm x 11.6mm
Sensor Weight: 4.1 g
Accelerometer Range: ±8 g
Gyroscope Range: ±2000 dps
Resolution: 0.02 deg
Power: Battery
Battery Time: 5 hrs
Battery Capacity 42 mAh
Battery Charge time: 1 hr
Transceiver Coverage: 4 meters
Working Voltage: 3.7 V
Time Delay < 20 ms
Waterproof Grade: IP66
Data calculation frame rate: 600 Hz
Working Voltage: 3.7 V
Working Temperature: -5° C - 40° C
SDK: C/C++ API and plugin for Unity3D® and Unreal®.
Software: Included with all kits AXIS Studio software.
OS: Windows 10 only.
Data Format: .bvh to MotionBuilder®, 3DsMax, and .calc export. Export to .fbx for Maya®, Blender®, etc...
Real-time out: Yes
Accessories: Full body strap, USB transmitter, etc.

Perception Neuronについて

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