Darth Relyt vs Tulak Hord: Dual of the Sith | Perception Neuron Motion Capture


Tyler Boim is a 16-year-old digital artist and animator. He created Darth Relyt vs Tulak Hord: Dual of the Sith using a Perception Neuron Studio motion capture system, Maya and Blender.

"This short film follows Darth Relyt’s attack of the sith emperor Tulak Hord’s temple on Korriban. This takes place some time in the Old Republic era of Star Wars. The purpose of the project was to showcase several aspects of VFX, animation, sword combat, and film making while also using a Star Wars based story. I am a 16 year old teaching myself how to use the 3D software Autodesk Maya. I’ve been teaching myself every aspect of 3D work in maya and blender, compositing in After Effects, and editing in Premiere Pro for around 2 years. This project is by far my best and most complicated one, and has taken me around 6 months to complete. I was able to do most of this project alone, however I did have a little help. "
Instagram: @Sir_phillip_fury 

Production assistance by James Croak of Noitom and Fonco Studios.
Fonco Studios: https://foncostudios.com/
  • Date Published: 06/29/2020
  • Categories: Animation, Visual Effects
  • Client: Tyler Boim


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