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Pause 2016 Motion Response - Dissipate by Method Studios


Uploaded by Pause Fest This work explores the concept of boundaries and the construction of identity as being a creation of internal and external disparate particles constantly merging and separating in a negotiation between the individual and their space. - but at the end of the day, people made of balls looks cool. ___ In partnership with The Foundry. For the Pause 2016. Credits: Method Studios Animation: Director/Animator: Simon Bronson Particle Fx: Patrick Da Cunha Mocap Artist: Savva Tsekmes Sound: Broken Spires Grade: Edel Rafferty
  • Date Published: 05/05/2016
  • Categories: Art/Performance, Visual Effects

Perception Neuronについて

Perception NeuronはNoitom Ltd.に属しており、娯楽、スポーツ、科学、医学用にモーション・キャプチャ・システムを開発しています。

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