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Perception Neuron is part of Noitom Ltd., a company dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge sensor based technologies and their application in a variety of fields and industries.

About Noitom Ltd.

Noitom was established in 2011 by a team of visionary engineers and scientists united by one goal — to redefine the motion capture paradigm. Co-founded by mechanics, software, robotics and sensor engineering experts Dr. Haoyang Liu and Dr. Tristan RuoLi Dai, Noitom focuses its research and development on mapping the human body, its movements and interaction with the environment. The company’s name, Noitom, the word motion spelled backwards, embraces its dedication to the “art” of motion capture.  

Noitom’s operational model is based on a core team comprised of a group of highly skilled individuals representing the entire product development cycle who operate together on a project from beginning to end. From research and development to prototyping and all the way to manufacturing and marketing, Noitom prides itself in the fact that this approach leads to creativity, innovation and rapid problem solving — all core values of the company.

Since its establishment, Noitom has released several product lines. The Perception MOCAPTM product line is a wireless motion capture system based on inertial sensors. The Perception Legacy (formerly named TrueMotionTM) was launched in 2013 for the film and gaming industry. Perception Legacy has been presented at several international shows including SIGGRAPH®, UNITE® and E3®. Noitom also launched mySwingTM at the PGA Golf show in Orlando, Florida in 2013. mySwingTM is the most accurate portable golf swing analyzer on the market using inertial sensor modules. In 2014, Noitom released Perception NeuronTM, the world’s smallest, adaptive, versatile and affordable motion capture system developed for visual effects and game development and interaction.

Noitom is looking to the future. Recently, the company’s sensor technology was licensed by international consumer electronics manufacturer, Garmin®, for its high-end Approach® S6 golf watch. Noitom is also in talks with several other licensors interested in using the technology in the medical field and in simulation training. The mySwingTM product line will also be expanded later this year and new products are already being developed to be added to the company’s portfolio.

Perception Neuron Team

Meet the team that is building the product that will revolutionize the motion capture and virtual reality industry.

Haoyang Liu

CEO and Co-Founder

Tristan Ruoli Dai

CTO and Co-Founder

Roch Nakajima

President of Noitom International

Core Capabilities

We are a great company with some unique features.

Research & Development

Top team of engineers, programmers and designers for rapid product development.

Global Presence

Offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Los Angeles and Miami for a global reach.

Manufacturer Network

Top of the line manufacturer network with established relations.


Fast TTM

Fast time to market with full-inhouse capabilities from beginning to end of product cycle.

In-house Marketing

Marketing and public relations with full-service agency capabilities.

Dedication and Trust

Young and dynamic staff bound by core values and dedicated to the company and one another.

About Perception Neuron

We are part of Noitom Ltd. and dedicated to the development of motion capture systems for entertainment, sports, science and medicine.

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  • contact@neuronmocap.com

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