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Frequently Asked Questions about Perception Neuron.


Yes we will provide an official receipt with the product.
One-year limited Warranty. The precise term are here.
Yes you can as long as your setup can handle additional sensors (ie. you have empty sockets). The current maximum is 32 Neurons (The Hub can handle up to 40 Neurons but we do not support this configuration at this time) . Neurons can be purchased individually in our store.

Technical Specifications

1. Calculation onboard Neuron MCU = 10-13 ms
 2. Data transmission from Hub to Computer = it depends whether using WIFI or wired USB. Of course wired USB is fastest (a few ms) and WIFI is the slowest.
 3. Calculation in AXIS Neuron on your PC (depends also on the processing power of the PC) = average 3-5 ms
 4. Graphical Rendering = depends on YOUR end usage program and processing power of your PC
 5. Video transmission to display and decompression/rendering on display = depends on display and data stream compression.
Please check the NEURON datasheet here.
Drift cancellation is one of our best strengths in inertial mocap technology. Mechanics-based algorithms are used to detect and correct drifting. If the system is calibrated properly, the drifting errors are minimal. It should be noted that the positioning errors can accumulate over time. 
We are using WIFI UDP/TCP IP protocol for wireless data transmission.The range of tracking depends on the range of your WIFI coverage.
We've done all the data reading of the pattern recognition part (basic grabbing/releasing and basic gestures like firing and tapping/double tapping etc.). We will provide libraries and open source demos on how to use those libraries and how to adjust parameters.
Yes, developers have already successfully used our system to control a robot. Again, we provide you with an SDK and we encourage the community at large to experiment with Perception Neuron, however, support and warranty is limited to use and peration with AXIS NEURON software.
Recommended and minimum requirements are the same. Intel Core i5 3210 2.5Ghz 8 gig RAM Graphics NVIDIA MVS5200M / Intel HD Graphics 4000 / 256 MEG SSD/1T HDD. Windows 7 64 Bit. .
Yes, a local Micro-SD card slot for data recording is located on the hub for this purpose. The hardware will be delivered with the SD card slot and this function will be activated with our HUB firmware update in near future.
It is pretty straight forward. We will provide examples with SDK on how to achieve it.
No, so far we don't have any plans for facial mocap.
Yes it's possible. Please check our showcase to find an example.
Magnetic interference is always the biggest challenge for IMU based motion capture system. We suggest using PN in an enviroment with less magnetic interference. Strong magnetic source such as motors, speakers and tranformers or iron/steel furniture may cause measurement errors.
We provide you with an SDK and you have the ability to build up your own model, however, support and warranty is limited to the preset sensor placement scenarios shown on our AXIS NEURON software.
Sorry, we only support one prop at this time. The prop is modeled as an extension from the hand. This means the prop is part of the human body model and cannot be detached from the hand.
We don't provide any additional sensor fusion capabilities on the HUB. You're however free to combine the data on the computer with our real-time motion data stream.
The motion data streaming API can be used with any C/C++ environment. Apart from that we provide integrations into the game engines Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

Questions about Software

Yes the package includes a free software Axis Neuron supporting basic sensor management, real time motion display, motion recording and replay. However we also have Axis Neuron Pro, providing full functions. The difference between the two version of the software can be seen here.
Yes, we'll provide the integration with examples for how to use it and documentation.
Currently our software is for PC and Mac only. We will evaluate the need for a Linux version in the future.
Yes, you can use our data to trigger your model.
Yes, you can create, save, import, and edit body dimensions in our software. We will provide standard files such as 160female, 180male, 170female with the software. Choosing the closet one for motion capture is quick and easy but you can always measure the actor and create more accurate body dimension files for everybody.

Yes, the software will support Windows and Mac OS X. We will release the Windows version first. Expected delivery to be late 2015

MotionBuilder, Maya, 3DMax, iClone and etc. As long as the target software supports BVH or FBX import.
It is real time calculated. The user can spend some time cleaning up the data in the post-processing to make the motion smoother, foot steps more firm and make postures more natural.

Setting Up

Yes, currently AXIS NEURON can track a maximum of 2 people at the same time. If you upgrade to AXIS NEURON PRO, you will be able to track up to 5 characters working in the same scene.
After serious consideration and experiment verification we decided to leave 31 mounting points for the body and hands:7 for lower body, hip, upper legs, lower legs, feet; 10 for upper body, chest, head, shoulders, upper arms, forearms, hands; 2 each for thumb and index fingers,1 each for other fingers. We will provide suggested Neurons mounting scenarios such as one arm mode, upper body mode and full body mode.
The PERCEPTION NEURON system requires a 2amp USB power source. The HUB has 2 USB inputs,both of which can receive power. When powering from a laptop or computer, especially, older models, you might be faced with USB ports that provide less than 2amps of power. This is not an optimal condition for any setup above 18 Neurons. We recommend adding a second USB power source or switching to a USB power source with 2amps or more. This is crucial for optimal results if you are using a 32 Neuron setup.
PERCEPTION NEURON is a precision measuring device. Although not fragile, it must be treated with care and caution, as well as properly maintained and stored. Please see our Caution and Warning section.
Yes, PERCEPTION NEURON is adjustable for most body sizes.
Currently our strap design does not allow you to move the hip sensor to the front of the body.We suggest you put it on the back side of your hip because this is the place with the least amount of muscle movements and deformation.
The system is NOT waterproof. However, by using the local micro-SD card recording it is possible to use the whole system inside a dry suit, or similar water-proof container.
Yes, we will release this function with future firmware update.
Yes, it works with any standard 2.4G WIFI router. We suggest using a router with WPS function because it makes things much easier for paring the Hub with the router.
Yes. We are using inertial sensors instead of optical markers for mocap so you can definitely put clothes over it.
Depending on your configuration (full-body, one arm, upper-body, etc.) it can take anything between one to five minutes for an experienced user. See video.

Yes, you can use a single Neuron for camera orientation measurement, or for any prop which is considered as an extension of the hand. But if you are trying to make a 'virtual camera' by using a single IMU separated to your body, you'll only get orientation without position data.

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