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The latest generation of Axis series software, supporting Perception Neuron Studio, Perception Neuron 3 products.


    Axis Studio is our proprietary capture and recording software. Our free software allows you to do real-time capture, recording and streaming into third party 3D applications. Experience new tools such as real-time environment awareness to identify areas of magnetic interference and data processing for smoother results.

    Download (354mb) 

    Axis Studio LITE is our free to use demo software. Here you will find a collection of sample data for you to test with any of our third party 3D complatible applications. You can stream data out via BVH play-back or export the takes as FBX to the software of your choosing.

    Download (286mb) 

Seamless Integration

Use our mocapAPI to integrate our motion capture data seamlessly into your application. Build with out any limitations.



Livestream your motion capture data directly to third party software


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Autodesk Maya 2022 - Download
Autodesk Maya 2020 - Download
Autodesk Maya 2019 - Download
Autodesk Maya 2018 - Download


Motionbuilder 2022 - Download
Motionbuilder 2020 - Download
Motionbuilder 2019 - Download
Motionbuilder 2018 - Download

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 4.26 - 4.27, 5.0 - Marketplace
Supported Platforms : Windows


Plugin and Source Code available on GitHub Visit Page


Blender 2.8 - 3.0 Dowload

Source Code available on Github

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D R24-R26 - Download

iClone 8

Plugin supported through our partner Reallusion Visit Page

VTuber Mini

Free Software. Download via Steam Visit Page

New Updates

  • Magnetic Field Sweeper

    This feature visualizes the magnetic field data in space and helps users find the most suitable location for inertial motion capture.

  • Advance Data Processing

    Axis Studio offers optional data processing to finalize your mocap data before exporting. Unprocessed mocap data can be cleaned up and ready to use for production

  • Environment Awareness

    Now with real-time enviroment check. Axis Studio sensors adapt to any location for optimal capture data.

  • Adaptive Ant-mag mode

    More than just capture, Axis Studio engine allows our sensors to capture environment data and improve capture quality.

Software Features

> Capture and Record Motion Data
> Export Motion Capture Data to FBX and BVH Files
> Contact Point Editing
> Noise Reduction with Smooth Factor Process
> Free Data Forwarding to Third Party Software
> Native Integration to Unity, Unreal, Notch, Maya, and more
> Body Size Preset