Biomechanics of Bodies

BoB (Biomechanics of Bodies) is a family of biomechanical modelling software packages combining a human musculoskeletal model with an easy to use, intuitive interface and powerful analysis functionality resulting in quantitative, objective information.

A Biomechanical Analysis Package Easily Integrated With Perception Neuron

BoB is the leading musculosketal analysis package developed in MATLAB®.

Combining a small learning curve with deep analysis, BoB makes it ideal for commercial applications, academic research and teaching.

BoB is widely used in academia and industry with applications including product design, sporting performance, equipment design, man/machine interactions, vehicle design, gerontology, manual handling, ergonomics and many more.

What are some of the features of BoB Biomechanics Software?

Short Learning Curve
Easy Data Importing
Graph, Video, and Image Output
Complete Data Exchange with MATLAB
Complete Integration with Perception Neuron
Batch Large Dataset Processing
Peer Reviewed Published
Joint Torque Calculations
Anatomical Trajectory Display
Ground Reaction Force Calculation
Muscle Force Calculations
Multiple Subject Display & Analysis