Dongle Activation

Just purchased Perception Neuron Studio? Below are instructions on how to setup your Perception Neuron USB key


Your computer MUST be connected to the internet during the activation process. You may have to disable firewalls during the activation, these can be reactivated after the activation is complete.
Go to Axis Studio – NeuronMocap to access your software
Axis Studio is only compatable with Perecption Neuron Studio and Perception Neuron 3 products.


    1. Locate your AXIS STUDIO USB DONGLE, this will serve as your license key to run Axis Studio
    2. Plug-in your AXIS STUDIO USB DONGLE in any of your computer’s USB ports.
    3. Open the latest AXIS STUDIO software version.
    4. An activation window immediately will pop-up.
    5. To activate your software, click on the ACTIVATE button.
    6. Enter your 25-DIGIT WIBU ACTIVATION CODE. This code can be found on your online order or sent through email.
    7. You will be asked to confirm the USB Dongle you want to activate. Make sure the Dongle serial number matches with the one you noted in step 1 and click ACTIVATE.
    8. Wait a few seconds while the activation process completes. 
    9. If the activation is successful, you will receive a message acknowledging that the software has been activated and is ready to use. If you have any issues, please contact us at


    • Remember your Dongle MUST be plugged into your computer to use the software.
    • Once the dongle is activated you do not need to be connected to the internet. Your activation license “lives” on the USB Dongle.
    • If you have any issues please refer to the manual or contact us at
    • When contacting support about activation issues please provide:
      • Dongle ID - Printed on the side of the Dongle
      • Username - Your username used to register on the website
      • Email - Your email used to register on the website

    Have fun MOCAP-ing with Perception Neuron and Axis!