AI Tommy Special Showcase by TECHS | Perception Neuron Motion Capture
A dancer performs with Perception Neuron motion capture at J-wave Innocation Festival in Japan 2019.



Based on J-WAVE's AI artist "AI Tommy", various creators show off their creatives. This is an experimental LIVE SHOWCASE produced by the group “TECHS” working to expand music live!

J-WAVEのAIアーティスト「AI Tommy」をベースに様々なクリエイターがクリエイティブを披露。音楽ライブの拡張に取り組む集団「TECHS」がプロデュースする実験的なLIVE SHOWCASEです!

Peformance Date: 09/28/2019
Event: J-Wave Innovation World Festa 2019

  • Date Published: 10/03/2019
  • Categories: Art/Performance

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