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The subject of the project is the impact of pollution of the oceans on their living creatures. It tries to bring the experience of marine creatures in the polluted oceans, as I imagine it alongside a personal statement. This project deals with the question of how do they move in an environment that is no longer natural, in which they are helpless and restricted in their movement. Using Motion Capture technology I recorded dancers. Through their movement, they tried to identify with the marine creatures. Then I implemented the recorded movement onto the 3D models I created, with the question of what human movement on top of unhuman forms can evoke. This project is based on two seminar works and further research I wrote under the theme of movement. Credits Project by SHIRA SHVADRON Guidance Ori Succary Motion Capture Suit Perception Neuron 2.0 Courtesy of Eldad Sery Dancers Aviv Yossef Orit Succary Yuval Gilat Shira Shvadron Sound Design Kamaru Josef Website Coding Noga Mann Logo JOLA Text editing Talia Yoeli Special Thanks Ohad Fishof Yael Kaduri Zach Weinberg Gideon Rimmer Eli Magaziner Moshe Kadosh Avshalom Pollak Elad Malca Anat Gutberg

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