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Neuron Mocap API


The MocapApi API is the next generation programming interface of the NeuronDataReader (hereafter referred to as NDR). From the get-go, the goal has been to have an API with cross-platform compatibility (Win/Mac/Android/Ios/Linux, etc.), cross-engine access (Unity/unreal), and user-free updates. Today, MocapAPI supports C, C++, and C#, Windows, u3d and Unreal Engine.
The MocapAPI API receives outgoing socket data from AxisStudio, Pnlab and other software.

Compatible Hardware

  • Perception Neuron Studio
  • Perception Neuron 3
  • Perception Neuron Pro
  • Perception Neuron 32
  • Noitom Hybrid Data Server


  • Stream Perception Neuron Realtime data into Unity
  • Realtime data support for TCP/UPD
  • Skeleton assets for PN32/PN PRO/ PN STUDIO


Platform Name Date Size Download
Github Repository Neuron MOCAP API 1-Mar-2022 619 mb Files


Platform Name Date Size Download
Web Manual Mocap API Documentation 1-Mar-2022 --- View


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