Synchronize face, voice, and full-body motion capture effortlessly with just one click from Axis Studio.

Capture your facial expressions, voice recordings, and full-body movements effortlessly with the Axis Face App, designed specifically to complement the Perception Neuron Motion Capture Pipeline. Record FBX facial data,  WAV voice files, and full-body motion capture data seamlessly when paired with Axis Studio. Synchronize your files easily, with matched filenames and start-end points, all with a single click.

Axis Face iOS App

  • Available at the Apple App Store.
  • $199. Perpetual License. No added or hidden fees.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Provides FBX export of face capture data (ARKit).
  • Provides WAV file of audio recording of take.
  • Match it with Axis Studio full body animation files.
  • Select 24 / 30 / 60 FPS to sync all mocap files.
  • Connects to Axis Studio for simultaneous “one-click” body and face capture.
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Axis Face Features

  • One Click Recording

    Connect Axis Face with Axis Studio and synchronize face, voice, and full-body motion capture files effortlessly with just one click. Forget the hassle of manually recording files on different devices and syncing them by hand. The Axis Face App provides a hassle-free motion capture experience.

  • Matching Files. Everytime.

    FBX Files and WAV audio files provided by the Axis Face App will have the same naming convention and start-end points as the Axis Studio full-body mocap animation data. When these files are dropped into any animation software, all takes will be completely synced up, from start to finish.

  • Optimized Comfort

    Our innovative and patent pending design of the Perception Neuron Face Capture Helmet, centers the iPhone’s weight above your head, not in front of your face, ideal for both long sessions and quick recordings. At just 600g the Perception Neuron Face Capture Helmet is robust and lightweight.

  • Face Data & Voice Recording

    Axis Face records full face motion capture and voice recording to FBX and WAV format, syncing with Axis Studio full-body mocap data, providing a streamlined solution for a complete full-body motion capture suite. Files are stored locally on phone and will match output files of Axis Studio Motion Capture software.


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Axis Face Guides

Our Axis Face guides will get you up and running in no time.