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The Perception Neuron MOCAP system is based on individual sensors called Neurons. Each is no larger than a penny and weighs just over a gram. A Neuron houses an Inertial Measurement Unit also known as an IMU, with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer. The ingenuity of our MOCAP system is that every Neuron is interchangeable and can be placed anywhere it's needed in an endless number of combinations.


From capturing arm movement, to finger motion, to full body kinematics, the Perception Neuron system adapts to your needs. Just place the Neurons where they are needed and capture the level of detail and body movements you require for your project. The system can handle from 3 to 32 Neurons, and can function wirelessly via WIFI or onboard recording or wired via USB, giving you capabilities no other MOCAP system has ever been able to offer.


Whether you're a developer, gamer, VFX pro, researcher or virtual reality pioneer, Perception Neuron is designed to deliver professional results out of the box. With live wired and wireless BVH streaming, export to FBX, and raw data output, every type of user is catered to. In addition, we provide you with an SDK with a C/C++ API and integrations into Unity3D and Unreal Engine. Examples of Oculus Rift application are also included.


Priced thousands of dollars less than other MOCAP systems with fewer capabilities, Perception Neuron delivers a new platform that is accessible not only to small studios, start-ups, students and educational institutions, but one that opens up infinite possibilities for experimentation and development in the realm of virtual reality and IoT, bringing the dream of motion capture in every home one step closer to reality.


Perception Neuron features a mount-and-snap locking mechanism that is the core component of our Neuron Mocap Ecosystem. This fastening structure makes it easy to interchange sensors and to remove or connect to our family of motion capture accessories and add-ons. The Neuron Mocap Ecosystem makes our MOCAP futureproof, convenient and cost-effective.

Neuron Motion Capture Blog

  • 20 June 2019
  • Post by SusyNeuron
School Spotlight: Students at Pembroke High Receive Honors for Animation & Mocap

Students at Pembroke High School in Pembroke, Massachusettes were recently honored for their work with motion capture and 3D animation by their State Rep. Josh Cutler at the Massachusettes State House.

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  • 22 May 2019
  • Post by SusyNeuron
Anti-Gone: A Mixed Reality Play

Anti-Gone is a Mixed Reality play exploring the human urge to construct and inhabit alternative realities. Escapism is examined as a social phenomenon, amplified by technology and becoming aggressively prevalent.

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  • 29 April 2019
  • Post by SusyNeuron
Noitom Global Meetup Tour 2019

Since March, we have embarked on a tour of the world, taking our motion capture technology with us.

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  • 21 March 2019
  • Post by SusyNeuron
School Spotlight: Lesley University Shines Light on VFX Careers

For anyone dreaming of a career in visual effects, Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusettes has just expanded the facilities at the College of Art + Design which features an Animation and Motion Media program led by Catronia Baker.

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  • 25 February 2019
  • Post by SusyNeuron
Enter Our Mocap Like A Pro Video Contest

We're launching a new contest! For anyone out there that thinks they have the next big idea for motion capture, this contest is for you!

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  • 13 February 2019
  • Post by SusyNeuron
Short Film Made with Neuron Mocap Wins Best Special Effects Award

After entering Perception Neuron's Set Your World in Motion video contest in 2016, Studio Local —the makers of the short film, Twenty One Points—won two Perception Neuron motion capture systems to complete the visual effects for the fillm released the following year.

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