Noitom Returns To IBC Show As Part Of Accelerator Program

Noitom Returns To IBC Show As Part Of Accelerator Program

IBC is the premier event for the broadcast industry, bringing together the global media, entertainment and technology industries to one place to share ideas and create the future. This years IBC Show welcomed 300+ speakers, 1700+ exhibitors and 40K+ attendees over the course of 4 days. 

5G LBXR panel RealTime 3D panel

Noitom returned to IBC this year as part of its Accelerator program. The Accelerator program was created by IBC in 2019, to support the media & entertainment industry with a framework for agile, collaborative and fast-track innovation.

The two Accelerator Projects Noitom participated in were "5G And The Arena Of The Future For XR Events" which aimed to bring immersive low latency 5G real-time esports experiences to audiences around the world and how they could interact and be part of the action. The second project "Volumetric Video For Broadcasting, Metaverse Production And RT3D Assets" challenged the way content could be made. If there was a way to make things, "Better, Faster, and Cheaper" and the potential ways viewers could consume that content. Whether it be traditional 2D like Television or Online Stream or if it could be viewed in 3D, VR, AR and be part of a metaverse  broadcast experience. 

Motion Capture at IBC

Being Part of the IBC Accelerator has pushed Noitom to challenge the current boundaries and norms of the broadcast industry. We look forward to next years Accelerator and seeing how our motion capture technology helps shape the future of media entertainment. 








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