Real-time 3D Animation with Unity and Perception Neuron

The Perception Neuron Unity SDK allows users to stream real-time or playback motion capture data directly into Unity.

unity animation scene showcasing a 3d racoon on top of the unity timeline

Create a Real-Time Animation Pipeline with Perception Neuron Motion Capture Tools and Unity

You have the option to either stream real-time data or playback data. This plugin is compatible with Perception Neuron 32, Perception Neuron Pro, Perception Neuron Studio and Perception Neuron 3.   

A side by side image of the pn robot doing a cartwheel in axis studio motion capture software and the unity display

Download Unity SDK


  • Axis Neuron / Axis Neuron Pro / Axis Studio
  • Unity 5.4.2p4 or higher
  • Windows x86_64

Download / Install:

  • In Unity, Choose Assets -->Import Package --> Custom Package 
  • Select the Perception Neuron Unity Integration package and click Open
Download Unity SDK From Github

Tutorials: Bring Mocap Data Into Unity with Perception Neuron

Unity Guides

Follow our Perception Neuron motion capture guide to Unity for real-time streaming and retargeting