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The World's Most User-Friendly 3D Animation and Virtual Production Platform

Revolutionize Your Storytelling with
REPLIKANT x Perception Neuron

Suit Up, Plug-In, and Create. It's that simple.

Replikant's workflow is designed to be user-friendly, enabling creatives, brands & their communities to produce high-fidelity, next-gen 3D characters and digital humans. With a plug-and-play Perception Neuron integration, create animated content & immersive experiences with ease. REPLIKANT enables creators of all skill levels to create studio quality content instantly.

3d model inside replikant motion capture using perception neuron system

REPLIKANT Empowers Creators with Easy-To-Use Tools to Create Studio-Level Content Fast

With REPLIKANT's easy-to-use 3D virtual production / animation platform and Perception Neuron Motion Capture tools, users have a one-stop tool for transforming ideas into production ready content. A straightforward UI & countless customizations are designed for you to follow your imagination with the click of a button.


Tutorials, Examples, and Rich Content at Your Fingertips

Streamlined, Robust, and Intuitive UI with a Short Learning Curve. Achieve Quick Mastery and Powerful Results Fast.

REPLIKANT is your one-stop solution for Avatar Creation, Scene Design, and Animation. With REPLIKANT, effortlessly craft and modify scenes, manage lighting, animate characters, record and playback motion capture, and even script writing. Ideal for everything from initial scene blocking to achieving polished end results, REPLIKANT paired with Perception Neuron offers an all-inclusive package for creating studio-grade content with ease.

Create Your Own Characters
From An Infinite Selection of Parameters.

REPLIKANT isn't just another tool; it's a revolution in 3D animation. Easy, efficient, and extraordinary – ready to change how you create. Unleash your creativity by molding and crafting unique characters from an endless array of parameters. Shape your vision into reality with tools designed for infinite possibilities.


What is the difference between a REPLIKANT Professional and Business License?

Both licenses allow you to render up to 4K, import animation/static meshes, and drive characters with Perception Neuron Motion Capture tools. The main difference is the commercial license details.

PROFESSIONAL - Grants you, the creator, a commercial license for any creative work annual gross revenue under $100,000 USD.

BUSINESS - Grants you, the creator, a commercial license for any creative work annual gross revenue over $100,000 USD.

Can I import a character created in other 3D softwares such as Character Creator 4 into REPLIKANT, along with my own 3D FBX and OBJ assets for recording and rendering?

No, Replikant functions as an independent pipeline and currently does not support importing assets from other sources.

How does creating animations in REPLIKANT differ from using iClone 8 with Live Link with Unreal Engine?

While it's possible to do similar tasks in Unreal using iClone 8 Unreal Live Link, Replikant simplifies the process significantly. It requires no coding or blueprints, making it more user-friendly for those who prefer a straightforward approach.

If REPLIKANT is a self-contained software, does that mean I can't export animations to Unreal or import 3D environments apart from the pre-existing room environments in Replikant?

That's correct. At this time, Replikant does not support importing or exporting. It uses procedural objects that can be easily manipulated and modified, like adding clothes to characters. This contrasts with other software where manual adjustments would be necessary, for example, resizing clothing for a character's body changes. Replikant is designed for ease of use and focuses on content creation within its ecosystem. If you require the flexibility of combining UE, Maya, Blender, iClone, etc., those tools might better suit your needs. Replikant is all about streamlining and simplifying the content creation process.

Can I record facial, body, and finger motion capture in REPLIKANT?

Yes, you can use either PN3 or Perception Neuron Studio motion capture systems alongside an iPhone using livelink. Legacy Perception Neuron systems, like PN32 and PN PRO, are also compatible.

Can I record audio inside REPLIKANT?

Yes, Replikant allows for the recording of audio.

Is REPLIKANT subscription based?

Yes, Replikant is a subscription based software. There is both a yearly and a monthly license.

Does REPLIKANT have a trial version?

A REPLIKANT trial version was just released! It includes basic avatars, basic environments, and watermarked rendering up to 1080p.

Can you make a cinematic on REPLIKANT? Can you Edit the camera?

Yes, Replikant gives you full control of your scenes, including camera position.

What export file types does REPLIKANT provide?

Replikant exports using .mp4, .mov, .jpeg, and .png.

How many actors can be broadcasted into Replikant at once?

Depends on how many motion capture suits you are using. PN3 can do 3 actors. PN Studio can do up to 5 actors.

Computer Requirements

  • Minimum Specs:

    OS - Windows 10 or above
    CPU - Quad Core Intel or AMD 2.5 Ghz or faster
    GPU - NVIDIA GTX1080, AMD RX6650XT or better
    RAM - 16 GB RAM
    Storage - 200GB or more. SSD Preferred

  • Recommended Specs:

    OS - Windows 10 or above
    CPU - AMD Ryzen-7 or above
    GPU - NVIDIA RTX3080, AMD Radeon Pro W7900 or better
    RAM - 24 GB RAM
    Storage - 200GB SSD or higher

  • Tested NVIDIA Cards

    GTX1080Ti - 8GB VRAM - Satisfactory
    RTX3070 - 8GB VRAM - Satisfactory
    RTX3080 - 10GB VRAM - Optimal
    RTX3090 - 24GB VRAM - Optimal
    RTX4090 - 24GB VRAM - Optimal

  • Tested AMD Cards

    RX6600 - 8GB VRAM - Satisfactory
    RX6700- 10GB VRAM - Optimal
    Pro W7900- 48GB VRAM - Optimal


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