Real-time 3D Animation with Cinema 4D

Easily stream real-time or playback motion capture data into Cinema 4D with the Perception Neuron Cinema 4D plugin. Experience seamless integration and bring your animation to life.

Create a real-time animation pipeline with our motion capture tools

You have the option to either stream real-time data or playback data. This plugin is compatible with Perception Neuron 32, Perception Neuron Pro, Perception Neuron Studio and Perception Neuron 3.   



  • Maxon Cinema 4D r23 or higher
  • Windows x86_64
  • Axis Studio / Axis Neuron Pro / Axis Neuron Software

Download / Install:

Setup instructions

Download Neuron Mocap Live for C4D

Tutorials : Bring Mocap Data Into Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D Guides

Follow our Perception Neuron motion capture guides to Cinema 4D for real-time streaming and retargeting