Exclusive Academic Offers

The future begins today when teaching with motion capture. Perception Neuron motion capture systems are easy to set up and do not require a dedicated studio, making them ideal for a classroom setting.

Noitom offers exclusive pricing on single products as well as an academic packages, keeping educational budgets in mind. 

  • industry leading motion capture integrations

    Integrates with Industry Leading Software

    Perception Neuron integrates with industry leading software, making it ideal for students to learn real-world solutions.

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    Educational Institutions

    The pipeline allows students and faculty to access industry-standard technology at an unrivaled price, putting AAA VFX and game design workflows into more classrooms.

Please Contact Us to Get Your Academic Discount and a Free Motion Capture Curriculum

Our academic bundles are available to current and newly accepted faculty, staff, teachers, or students of any middle school, high school, college, or university.

Academic Pricing not available for distributor locations.
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    - Preferential multi-unit pricing
    - Access to on-site training by Perception Neuron instructors
    - Access to Perception Neuron motion capture curriculum
    - Priority access to support
    - Priority hardware repair replacement service (refurbished parts may be substituted)
    - Gifts/Discounts
    - W8BEN-E Form provided


    - Plugins: Unity, Motionbuilder, Unreal
    - Bi-Annual invitation to workshops and training sessions at our Los Angeles studio at a discounted price
    - Complimentary passes to local technology-related shows and events
    - Priority support and parts replacement

How is Perception Neuron utilized in the classroom at Michigan State University?

The school of Journalism uses Perception Neuron Studio as in integral part of their Immersive Storytelling Innitiative

  • The Motion Capture System includes full finger motion and it is completely wireless. Portable, versatile, adaptable, and affordable.

  • Perception Neuron is compatible with industry software including Reallusion iClone, Motion Builder, Maya, Unreal Engine, and Unity.

  • Perception Neuron's easy to use technology can be applied to visual effects, game development, animation, broadcasting, and Performance Art.

  • Students at MSU use the mocap suits covering 2D and 3D animation, as well as the very popular Motion Capture for Storytelling course.

  • Wide range of use cases at an educational level. The courses are available to all students in all majors of the University.

  • Multiple students get to be involved with hand-on experience. Classrooms can have up to five actors at the same time.