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Interested in becoming a Distributor for Perception Neuron?


  • Once you complete the application form, please allow up to 30 days for review.
  • Your company must purchase a minimum number of Perception Neuron products annually from Noitom.
  • Your company must have a clear vision of the target markets for Perception Neuron which can bring new sales growth.
  • Your company must be familiar with import procedures into your country, distribution and the provision of support.
  • Distributor pricing will be issued once an application is approved.
  • To maintain your distributor status, you must actively promote Perception Neuron to continually grow your overall purchases each year.
  • Distributorships are reviewed on a annual basis.

If you are qualified and interested in becoming a re-seller of Perception Neuron, please provide us with the information as detailed in DISTRIBUTOR APPLICATION FORM.

What do we require from Distributors?

We recommend that you not only read all the details and supporting information in this section before sending us an email, but also make sure you are familiar with the Perception Neuron product. Once you are ready, click the link at the bottom to email us.

The following details are required as part of the consideration process:

  • Your detailed contact information
  • A brief description of your company, including how many years you have been in the distribution business and types/brands of products you currently distribute.
  • Provide a listing of markets, geographical areas and types of customers you currently sell to.
  • How does your company go to market (internet, personal selling face-to-face, phone sales, retail outlet, etc)?
    What are your projected purchase levels by year for the next 3 years for Perception Neuron?
  • Who are your targeted customers? Be as detailed as possible. This will be a significant determining factor

We expect distributors to help us find NEW business. For more information email us at contact@neuronmocap.com and put DISTRIBUTOR in the subject line.

Contact us at contact@neuronmocap.com

Distributor Form