Real-time 3D Animation with Notch and Perception Neuron

Create amazing motion graphics and interactive VFX in real-time using Perception Neuron and Notch. The Axis Plugin for MotionBuilder allows for the
transfer of data from Axis Studio to MotionBuilder.

A woman touching the screen creating a swirl in the background utlizing notch

Complete VFX/Animation Pipeline: Stream from Axis Motion Capture Software to Notch Seamlessly

Notch is a real-time visual effects (VFX) software that allows for the integration of motion capture data from Perception Neuron into its pipeline. This allows for the animation of characters and/or objects in Notch to be controlled by the motion of a performer wearing Perception Neuron's motion capture suit. The integration allows for a more realistic and dynamic animation, as the motion of the performer/object is accurately translated to the video output in Notch.

Notch software being run on a laptop

Axis Integrates Directly Into Notch


  • Axis Studio / Axis Neuron / Axis Pro
  • Windows 8.1 or newer (64-bit only)
  • Notch

Download / Install:

  • Axis integrates directly into Notch utilizing the Perception Neuron Mocap Skeleton node.
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Learn how to take motion capture data from your Perception Neuron Studio or
Perception Neuron 3 into Notch

Notch Guides

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