Integrate Third Party Software Using The MocapAPI SDK.

Use our MocapAPI SDK to integrate our motion capture data seamlessly into your application. Build with out any limitations.

Next Generation NeuronDataReader:

MocapApi SDK is the next generation of the NeuronDataReader (NDR). From the get-go, the goal has been to have an API with cross-platform compatibility (Win / Mac / Android / ios / Linux, etc.), cross-engine access (Unity / UE), and user-free updates.

Today, MocapAPI supports C, C++, and C#, Windows, U3D and Unreal Engine.



  • Axis Neuron / Axis Neuron Pro / Axis Studio
  • Windows x86_64
  • C / C++ / C#

Download / Install:

  • Available for download on Github
  • Contains U3D / UE Demo Projects
Download MocapAPI SDK

MocapAPI SDK Guides

MocapAPI documentation will get you up and running in no time.