Real-time 3D Animation with MotionBuilder and Perception Neuron

Animate characters for your games, films and animations using Perception Neuron and MotionBuilder. The Axis Plugin for MotionBuilder allows for the
transfer of data from Axis Studio to MotionBuilder.

screenshot of motionbuilder software showcasing the integration of perception neuron mocap through axis studio motion capture software

Complete Animation Pipeline: Axis Motion Capture Software to MotionBuilder

The Axis Plugin for MotionBuilder integrates seamlessly with MotionBuilder, allowing users to capture data from Axis in real-time, stream real-time data or playback Axis data directly onto your character.

perception neuron axis studio settings and motionbuilder character controls

Axis Plugin For MotionBuilder


  • Axis Neuron / Axis Studio
  • Windows x86_64
  • Motionbuilder 2014-2022

Download / Install:

Download Axis Plugin For MotionBuilder 2022


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