Easily Create Stunning Virtual Production Visuals For Green And LED Screens

Create High-End, Real-Time 3D Virtual Studio Environments on a Budget Using Aximmetry and Perception Neuron

Seamless Integration with your Unreal Engine Virtual Production Pipeline.

Be it broadcast production, virtual event, pre-visualization, LED wall based virtual production or any other 3D graphics task you can imagine, Aximmetry can do it. Aximmetry has its own advanced chroma keying technology, providing users with unparalleled broadcast quality green screen effects and digital environments. Aximmetry’s node-based editor can be molded to your specific project to grant greater flexibility in bringing it to life.

The core of Aximmetry software is their own 3D render engine that can be programmed through a highly flexible node-based UI.

On top of this core, Aximmetry has built specialized applications targeting broadcasting, stage performances and presentations. In addition to this, the Aximmetry DE (dual engine) product line, features Unreal Engine, allowing for a seamless integration with your Unreal Engine Virtual Production Pipeline.

Use advanced XR features with LED walls or green screens easily, allowing you to be at the forefront of innovation happening in the film industry today.

All aspects of advanced broadcast presentation are covered. Aximmetry empowers you to create stunning graphic content plus it has all the virtual studio functionalities you need for the construction of interactive scenes and effects with virtual lights, virtual camera movements, and Augmented Reality.

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