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Live Animate 2D characters with motion capture. Perception Neuron products are fully support with Cartoon Animator 4.



Perception Neuron Bundles include Perception Neuron Profile which are also compatible with CTA 4


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PERCEPTION NEURON PRO is an IMU sensor-based, full-body motion capture system that can record motion data anywhere without any constraints to space and without the need for optical cameras.

Wireless & Charge Ready

PERCEPTION NEURON PRO is a truly wireless motion capture system, with the data transmission taking place directly from the sensors to the Hub. A 96 Hz maximum output rate will give users smooth and accurate data. Designed to be portable, PERCEPTION NEURON PRO comes with a hardshell anti-mag case for storing the motion capture system and its accessories. One of Perception Neuron Pro's most important accessories is its charging case that makes it possible to recharge all the sensors at once. The sensors begin charging when the AC adapter is connected to the case. When the sensors are fully charged, the charging will end automatically. The case is not only used for storage and charging of the sensors, but as the system's calibration tool. The sensors are calibrated right from the case. The calibration takes place when the case is rotated by hand as directed by the software. PERCEPTION NEURON PRO also comes with an anticorrosive anti-mag case, which can carry the charging case, Hub, body straps and NEURON sensors.


PERCEPTION NEURON PRO can manage up to 17 sensors attached to the body. Part of the Neuron Mocap Ecosystem, PERCEPTION NEURON PRO's network of straps allows for the sensors to be divided into parts for different modifications. To begin setup, turn the sensor button on, connect your computer and the system's Hub with a USB cable, then activate the AXIS NEURON PRO software. When the calibration is executed according to the software, the entire setup process can be completed in about 5 minutes. The AXIS NEURON PRO software supports up to one performer at a time.

  • Capture and Record Motion Capture
  • Export Motion Capture Data to FBX, BVH, and CALC files
  • Contact Point Editing
  • Noise Reduction with Smooth Factor Process
  • Real-time Data Stream with most popular plugins (Unreal,Notch,Unity, Motionbuilder)
  • Body Size Preset
Sensor Size: 43mm x 33mm x 20mm*
Sensor Weight: 15.8 g
Dynamic Range: 360 deg
Accelerometer range: ±16 g
Gyroscope range: ±2000 dps
Resolution: 0.02 deg
Transmitter / Receiver Frequency: 2401-2480 MHz
RF-Output Power: -1.71 dBm
Power: Battery
Calibration method: Calibrate 17 sensors at one time.
Battery Life ≥3.5 hours
Battery Charge time: ≤1 hours
LED color: RGB
HUB Size: 80mm x 47mm x 13mm
HUB Weight: 30g
Max. connected sensors: 17
Output: USB 2.0 (full-speed)
Transmitter / Receiver Frequency: 2401-2480 MHz
RF-Output Power: 10.31 dBm
Max Output rate: 120 Hz
Latency: < 20 ms
RF Performance: In-Door (Omni Antenna in Center/Corner) 7 × 7 m / 10 × 10 m
SDK: C/C++ API and plugin for Unity3D® and Unreal®.
Software: Included with all kits AXIS Neuron PRO
Data Format: .bvh and raw sensor data Also export to .fbx for MotionBuilder®, Maya®, Blender®, etc
Real-time out: Yes
Accessories: Full body strap, Omni-Antenna, etc.
Operating Temperature Range: 0°C - 50°C


  • NEURON sensor × 17 + spare × 1
  • body strap
  • each part strap
  • hub
  • omni antenna
  • USB cable
  • charging case
  • AC adapter for charging case
  • anti-mag case

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We are part of Noitom Ltd. and dedicated to the development of motion capture systems for entertainment, sports, science and medicine.

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