Axis Studio Release notes

Axis Studio Release Notes
Release date: Jun.24.2022
Previous version:2.7.12222.1720

Latest Firmware Version:
PNS RF Transceiver:
PNS Sensor:
PNS Gloves:
PNS Plus Sensor:

PN3 Transceiver:
PN3 Sensor:
CHANGES IN VERSION 2.8.12369.1831

New Features:
1. Added a new feature of Mag Trajectory display. Button located in the viewport
2. Added two types of new skeleton for animation retargeting which are“Metahuman”and“UE_Mannequin”in BVH broadcasting module.
3. Added support to replace any finger sensor with PN3 spare sensor.
4. Added an activation link in License Check window via clicking "No Activation Code" to get.
5. Added support to two-way communitcation. Please refer to MocapAPI.
6. Added a new feature where Pose Calibration settings are now saved.

Improvements and Changes:
1. Removed 【Magnetic immunity】 button function and set it enable as default when Gloves device connected.
2. Removed "Sensor Steady checking" function when connecting.
3. Changed Posture Calibration default poses as A-W-B for Fullbody +Gloves working mode,T-pose and P-pose are optional for now.

Bug fixed:
1. Fixed a crash problem caused by not supporting Chinese encoding for NIDS network.
2. Fixed a problem that Hip position will display error after perform data process when using Hip locked scenario.
3. Fixed a bug of allowing "Finger constraint" radio box being empty value.
4. Fixed a problem that Axis Studio failed to launch in some certain cases with valid ativacation code.
5. Fixed a bug of missing【Active】button.
6. Fixed several text spelling errors.

Known Issues:
1. Axis Studio may fail to check device Firmware in some certain cases and that will prevent device being firmware upgraded.
Workaround:Turn off two sensors(right upleg and hip) and on again manually and then recheck firmware.
2. Hardware fault error may occur sometimes which usually in the form of sensors connection failure or being abnormal indicator lights.
Workaround: Turn it off and on again mannually.
3. Data process algorithm of v2.6 and later is not compatible with the motion capture data recorded in previous version.
Thumb motion data generated from previous version will be wrong after data processing in v2.6
4. Space locked scenario doesn't take effect after Data processing.
5. When upgrading sensor firmware Axis Studio sometimes will indicate sensors in low battery but actually all sensors are fully charged
Workaround: Try to reconnect or check again can solve this error checking problom.
6. Drag/Extend Axis Studio window to another monitor which is in a different resolution will cause Axis Studio crash
Workaround: Dragging Axis Studio onto the extended screen while opening its Project tab
7. 3rd Party software running Screen Word Fetching function may cause Axis Studio crash while opening files
8. Ctrl + A shortcut only works for X-Ray function
9. Resize Axis Studio window while viewport is split screen mode may cause wrong window size issue
10. Display frame rate of Axis Studio may decrease if MotionBuilder is running on the same computer at the same time
Workaround: Mobu >System ProfilingCenter >Evaluation select Always refresh view