Perception Neuron Bundles

The power of an ALL IN ONE Performance Capture pipeline with Perception Neuron and third-party software offers real-time analysis and character animation for filmmakers, indie creators, technologists, educators, and other professionals.

A Biomechanical Analysis Package Easily Integrated With Perception Neuron

BoB is the leading musculosketal analysis package developed in MATLAB®.

  • Short Learning Curve

  • Easy Data Importing

  • Graph, Video, and Image Output

  • Complete Data Exchange with MATLAB

  • Batch Large Dataset Processing

  • Peer Reviewed Published

  • Joint Torque Calculations

  • Anatomical Trajectory Display

  • Ground Reaction Force Calculation

  • Muscle Force Calculations

  • Multiple Subject Display & Analysis

  • Low Price

iClone Bundles

Bring your motion capture performance to the next level.


Developed for recording animation as well as for live performance capture, the iClone Perception Neuron bundle packages includes industry-leading tools to animate and edit your characters from start to finish.


The Motion Live plugin allows users to directly incorporate data received from Perception Neuron onto characters.