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Motionbuilder Plugin

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Motionbuilder plugin for Perpception Neuron
Compatible with Axis Neuron and Axis Neuron Pro

-Support for TCP
-Realtime Data Stream
-Capture and Record Motion capture

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Software Releases

Release Notes

Operating System:
Windows x86, Windows x64
Release Notes:

-Recording function now available
-Plugin available for 2012-16

Motion Builder 2012 x64&x86,
Motion Builder 2013 x64&x86,
Motion Builder 2014 x64,
Motion Builder 2015 x64,
Motion Builder 2016 x64
Motion Builder 2017 x64
Motion Builder 2018 x64

File Description
MBPluginInstaller_X64.exe : Plugin installer for x64 system, it can auto detect the version of 3DS Max and copy
                            corresponding plugin to right position.
MBPluginInstaller.exe     : Plugin installer for x86 system.
./Plugins/MB/MBxxxx/      : Plugins for corresponding Motion Builder version.

Method 1: Double click "PluginInstaller_X64.exe" in x64 system and double click "PluginInstaller_X64.exe" in x86
          system to install automatically.
Method 2: Copy the corresponding plugin in ./Plugins/MB/MBxxxx(noitom_perception_robot.dll) to "bin\x64\plugins" or
          "bin\plugins" in MotionBuilder installation directory.
Axis Neuron:
1. Open Axis Neuron Pro, connect to a device or open a Raw file.
2. Click the menu File->Setting, open settings dialog.
3. On the "Output Format" property page toggle off "Displacement" and "Reference".
4. Switch to "Broadcasting" property page and toggle on "Advanced BVH". PORT 7005
5. Click "OK" to save these settings.


About Perception Neuron

We are part of Noitom Ltd. and dedicated to the development of motion capture systems for entertainment, sports, science and medicine.

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