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Title Version Release Date File Size  
Axis Studio 1.3.10119.302 2020/01/17 204.52 MB Download
Axis Studio 1.2.10028.252 2019/12/27 197.31 MB Download
Title Version Release Date File Size  
Studio User Manual 1.3.10119.302 2020/01/17 3.63 MB Download 
Studio User Manuel 1.1.9931.181 2020/01/06 3.20 MB Download
 Axis Studio Release Notes
Release date: Jan.17.2020
Version: 1.3.10119.302
Previous version:1.2.10028.252
CHANGES IN VERSION 1.3.10119.302:
New Features:
1. Add Firmware upgrade function.
2. Add Steady Calibration.
3. Add Magnetic simplified calibration.
4. Add "Xray Avatar" function with shortcut Ctrl+X
5. Add Shortcut Editing、Export、Import function in Settings > Shortcut.
6. Add batch Export and Import Body Demension file function in Project tab.
1. Update Magnetic standard calibration tutorial video.
2. Optimized UI/UE.
3. Supported for 4K display.
4. Supported lower body、arm only、upper body mode calibration.
5. Add support for exporting lower version FBX format files.
Fixed Bugs:
1. Fixed an issue about Model Scaling.
2. Fixed an issue that Unable to execute the posture calibrate without Fullbody mode.
3. Fixed an issue that respond slowly when stop recording multi-character data.
4. Fixed an issue that Model shadow may display abnormal on some graphics CARDS.
5. Fixed an issue that Enable multiple viewport display may cause crash occasionally.
6. Fixed an issue that in some certain case the Avatar's mocap data get incorrect result after [data process].
Basic Information you should know:
1. If upgrade Sensors failed, you need to reboot all sensors to re-establish connection with the current transceiver on the Capturing tab.
2. Gloves only mode is not supported for now. But you can add arm sensor to meet arm only mode when you process posture calibration.
3. Displacement data is not included in BVH files and FBX files exported by Axis Studio.
Known issues:
1. Setting Ctrl + A as a shortcut is not supported.
2. It may cause Axis Studio crash that open a recorded file when other software enable screen word fetching function.
3. It may cause Axis Studio crash when create a sub-folder after rename the parent folder.
5. There are some display compatibility issues on 4k resolution.
6. Frame rate may decrease when Enable multiple viewport display in Axis Studio. And it could be restored after restarting the computer.
7. Split screen window will not self-adapting to Axis Studio window size.
8. After switched the hub connection mode from USB to Ethernet, you need go to Settings >Device to manually refresh the Network, otherwise the program will not detect this hub.
9. The client can not receive data via UDP from localhost when offline.
10. Resize a widget in Axis Studio is not supported.
11. Camera Perspective viewport status will not be saved.
12. Hands contact algorithm is not stable enough.
13. Frame rate decreasing in Axis Studio if Motion builder is running on the same computer at the same time.
    Workaround: keep the focus on Motion Builder will help Axis Studio remain the better frame rate.



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