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Rev 24
Operating System: 
Windows x86
Windows x64
Release Notes: 

For instructions on how to setup your PERCEPTION NEURON PLUGIN with UNREAL visit our knowledge base


1. BVH asset. You can import a bvh file into UNREAL 4 now, PerceptionNeuronPlugin will create a uasset use the bvh file. You can use BVH asset to drive the actor and also control the speed of the animation throught BVH asset editor. BVH asset can be packaged into the resource pack automatically when package project.

2. Network. PerceptionNeuronPlugin support UDP protocol for bvh data transmission. Data transmission efficiency is very high.

3. Spawner. You can plant Spawners into the scene and you can also specify the direction of an actor's spawn .

4. Full support for Displacement.You can change the body height in Axis Neuron. The height of the actor created in scene will be adapted to the actual height of the man who is wearing Perception Neuron.

5. Retargeting. You can drive any model that conforms to T-pose throught the retargeting editor in Animation BP editor.

6. Multiple server. PerceptionNeuronPlugin supports multiple server transmit bvh data to Unreal at the same time and one single server transmit bvh data of multiple roles to Unreal.

7. Cross-platform. PerceptionNeuronPlugin can be release for all platforms which Unreal4 supported.


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