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Noitom International, Inc

PN STUDIO + iClone 8 Live Face Bundle

PN STUDIO + iClone 8 Live Face Bundle

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  • Perception Neuron Studio Inertial x1
  • iClone 8 (one seat)
  • Character Creator 4
  • LIVE FACE profile for MOTION LIVE Plugin (iClone 8)
  • Headshot - AI-Based 3D Head Generator Plugin for Character Creator 4
  • Headshot - MORPH 1000+
  • Headshot - Plugin Resource Pack
  • Perception Neuron Profile for Motion Live Plugin (iClone 8)
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Robust Pipeline

iClone 8 and CC4 are powerful tools that allow you to create 3D scenes and easily animate your characters.

Motion Capture Software

Each motion Perception Neuron hardware includes Axis Studio to capture, record, and stream mocapdata. No subscription no fees.