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Noitom International, Inc

Perception Neuron 3 Glove Sensor Kit

Perception Neuron 3 Glove Sensor Kit

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The Perception Neuron 3 Gloves utilize 6 sensors. 3 sensors for each hand.
With specific locations on the thumb, index and middle finger. Using our IK solver, users will see all 5 fingers moving, even with only 3 sensors.


(6) Perception Neuron 3 Sensors.
Each sensor is only 27.9x 16.2 x 11.6mm and weighs 4.1g.

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    3-Finger Capture

    With the finger kit, utlize just 3 sensors per hand to capture finger motion.

    With the capture of 3 fingers per hand, users can maintain movement for all fingers. Axis Studio configures the ring and pinky fingers to move along with the middle finger.