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Perception Neuron Studio Inertial System

Perception Neuron Studio Inertial System

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  • (17) Perception Neuron Studio Body Sensors
  • (1) Perception Neuron Studio Spare Sensor
  • (1) Hub and Antenna
  • (1) Hub USB Cable
  • (1) Power Adapter
  • (1) Power Extension Cord
  • (1) Charging Case (also for sensors storage and calibration)
  • (1) Set of Full Body Straps
  • (1) Travel Case
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Perception Neuron Studio Inertial System

Perception Neuron Studio Inertial System delivers the industry’s first true industry leading motion capture system. Starting with our basic inertial mocap system, users can select from a menu of hardware and software add-ons to cater to the most advanced applications, from live production and biomechanical analysis to virtual production and advanced VR simulation.

Perception Neuron Studio is designed to adapt to meet your current and future motion capture needs.


SDK C/C++ API and plugin for Unity3D® and Unreal®.
Software Axis Studio 
Data Format: .bvh and raw sensor data Also export to .fbx for MotionBuilder®, Maya®, Blender®, etc
Real-time: Yes
Number of Simultaneous Users: 5 full body w/ fingers
Magnetic Resistance: Full magnetic immunity for short periods of time.
Available Accessories Full body strap, Hub w/ Antenna, PN STUDIO Gloves, PN STUDIO Hybrid Trackers, PN STUDIO Cameras, etc.
Operating Temperature Range: 0°C - 50°C

Perception Neuron Add-ons