• 14 Apr 16
  • Posted by SusyNeuron
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Perception Glove Dev Kit

Attention Developers: here is your chance to get "hands on" with VR. The Perception Glove is a 3-sensor finger glove that simulates the use of all five fingers. Based on the same IMU technology as Perception Neuron, the Perception Glove offers full, un-occluded motion of the entire arm and/or hand. Using the Perception Glove in a virtual world, you will be able to pinch, pull, tap, thumbs up, point, and grab. With the launch of the Perception Glove, we are offering the Perception Glove Development Kit. Developers, you will now be able to test the boundaries of full finger motion inside VR. For all of you virtual reality developers out there, we invite you to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity. We're excited to see what you can create!