• 05 May 20
  • Posted by SusyNeuron
  • News

Perception Neuron Gives Creators the Capability to Share Mocap Data Remotely and in Real-time

As part of an ongoing commitment to help creators around the world continue to develop their motion capture projects, Perception Neuron now makes it possible for users to share their mocap data remotely, from location to location. The PN Remote Mocap tool allows users to put their motion data into a cloud server where that data is ready for anyone also working on the project to tap into and collaborate on. 

"Noitom is proud to support and enable creators all over the world,"says Noitom's marketing manager, Alex Alva. "We hope that this not only makes it easier for them to continue working on their projects and ideas during these unstable times, but also provides new opportunities for them to express their creativity in the future."

The Perception Neuron team have themselves been working with the remote mocap tool during their weekly Stay @ Home Mocap Webinars. During the live broadcasts, the team has been able to share motion capture data remotely from Miami to as far away as Norway in order to review workflow steps in real-time with the webinar audience. The data is received by the second party in real-time where it can be editied, to added to or given the VFX treatment with software such as Notch. 

The PN Remote Mocap tool is available for free to anyone in the Neuron Mocap community.