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PERCEPTION NEURON is the first tool of its kind to deliver Small, Adaptive, Versatile and Affordable motion capture technology. The modular system is based on the NEURON, an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) composed of a 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Accelerometer and 3-axis Magnetometer. The strength of the system lies in Perception Neuron's proprietary Embeded Data Fusion, Human Body Dynamics and Physical Engine algorithms which deliver smooth and true motion with minimal latency.

The PERCEPTION NEURON 9-Axis sensor units output data at 60fps or 120fps*. The data stream is channeled to the HUB where it can then be transferred to a computer in three different ways: (1) via WIFI, (2) via USB or (3) recorded onboard using the built-in micro-SD slot.

PERCEPTION NEURON then connects to the software AXIS Neuron for calibration and management of the system, as well as recording and exporting data files for manipulation in most professional 3D, previz and game development tools.

PERCEPTION NEURON was specially conceived as a professional tool for video game developers, film makers, visual effects professionals, biomechanics researchers, sports and medical analysts, and virtual reality enthusiasts to finally have a flexible and affordable platform to experiment with and push the limits of motion capture.

*60fps: 18 - 32 Neurons, 120fps: 17 Neurons or less

Perception Neuron is based on four principles:

The system is composed of interchangeable neuron sensors (inertial trackers) connected to a Hub. The Hub connects wirelessly to a computer through WIFI or can be wired directly through a USB connection. The system is powered by any external USB power pack. The whole system weighs less than a 300 grams (excluding battery).


Size: 12.5mm x 13.1mm x 4.3mm*
Dynamic Range: 360 deg
Accelerometer Range: ±16g
Gyroscope Range: ±2000 dps
Resolution: 0.02 deg
Static Accuracy
Roll: < 1 deg
Pitch: < 1 deg
Yaw angle: < 2 deg
Size: 59mm x 41mm x 23mm
Max. connected sensors: 32
Output: USB 2.0, WIFI or Onboard Micro-SD Card Recording
Max Output rate: 60 hz with 32 Neurons, 120 hz with 17 Neurons
Power: USB External Battery

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Perception Neuron operates with up to 32 individual neuron sensors that can be placed on the body using body/finger straps. They can be applied in different configurations — from hand motion with as few as 3 sensors, to full body with 17, and all the way to complete detailed body and hands with up to 32 including one prop. This level of adaptability is a freedom no other motion capture system offers out-of-the-box.

Perception Neuron delivers more than a classic motion capture system, it puts the power of real-time motion data in the hands of developers, researchers and VR professionals.

Single Arm

Upper Body

Full Body

Perception Neuron was developed as a professional tool, with features far exceeding comparable products, but intuitive and simple enough to operate for novice users. Veteran motion capture VFX experts, game developers and animators will feel comfortable with Perception Neuron and AXIS Neuron's familiar tools. The strength of the system, however, is in providing access to MOCAP technology to a whole new set of users, such as researchers, academics, sports pros and virtual reality enthusiasts.

Perception Neuron is both simple tool for straightforward motion capture and an advanced experimental platform for the exploration of motion as data.

All you need to add is a computer, a WIFI router and a USB power pack. Calibration of the system takes under fifteen seconds and in no time you can begin collecting MOCAP data, which you can send as a BVH stream or export as an FBX file into your favorite 3D program using our free AXIS Neuron. In addition, Perception Neuron gives you all the software to be productive no matter what your area of expertise, from SDKs for game development platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine, to VR like Oculus Rift. We even provide you with data visualizer capabilities built right into AXIS Neuron for research.

The philosophy behind Perception Neuron is to engender creativity and ingenuity in our global community of innovators, inventors and futurists.


SDK: Included with all kits an SDK with C/C++ API and integrations into Unity3D® and Unreal®.
Games: Included with all kits suite of open-source games
Software: Included with all kits AXIS Neuron
Data Format: .bvh and raw sensor data
Also export to .fbx for MotionBuilder®, Maya®, Blender®, etc
Resolution: 0.02 deg
Real-time out: Yes
Accessories: See details for each kit
Available accessories include, gloves, power USB cables.

Packages Comparison

Perception Neuron is currently commercialized in only one configuration to the public and two to the academic domain.

  32 Neuron Edition V2
Neuron 32
Hub 1
Anti-MAG Container 2
Body Strap Full Body
Finger Strap 2 (Left + Right)
Base Gloves 4 (2xS, 2xM)
Price $1499

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We are part of Noitom Ltd. and dedicated to the development of motion capture systems for entertainment, sports, science and medicine.

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