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REPLIKANT Professional + Perception Neuron Studio Animation Bundle

REPLIKANT Professional + Perception Neuron Studio Animation Bundle

With Replikant's easy-to-use 3D virtual production platform and Perception Neuron Motion Capture tools, users have a one-stop tool for transforming ideas into production-ready content. A straightforward UI & countless customizations are designed for you to follow your imagination with the click of a button.

The Professional license grants you a commercial license for any creative work with annual gross revenue under USD 100,000. Each user or organization is permitted to use only one license subscription.

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What's Included:

The REPLIKANT Professional + Perception Neuron Studio Animation Bundles includes:

- Replikant Professional Annual License
- Perception Neuron Studio Inertial System
- Perception Neuron Studio Gloves

User-Friendly Interface

With a plug-and-play Perception Neuron integration, create animated content & immersive experiences with ease. REPLIKANT enables creators of all skill levels to create studio quality content instantly.

A Perception Neuron motion capture sensor in the blue channel

Elevate Your Creations With High-End Inertial Motion Capture

Designed to deliver unmatched precision in motion capture, this all-inclusive system opens up a world of possibilities for your animation projects, where every move is tracked flawlessly. Record at higher FPS, with five-finger tracking, and with multiple actors simultaneously.

REPLIKANT Professional + PN Studio Animation Bundle FAQ


Replikant is the world's most user-friendly 3D virtual production platform. A powerful tool that allows you to quickly create characters, scenes, and stories.

What is Perception Neuron Studio

Perception Neuron Studio is a highly accurate motion capture suit comprised of 18 sensors. PN Studio comes with a set of straps (or you can use a compression suit available separately) on which the sensors are attached to. These sensors translate your body movements to real-time animation data. Think of it like the mouse or keyboard for your body movements.

What is the difference between a REPLIKANT Professional and Business License?

Both licenses allow you to render up to 4K, import animation/static meshes, and drive characters with Perception Neuron Motion Capture tools. The main difference is the commercial license details.

PROFESSIONAL - Indie Commercial License. Grants you, the creator, a commercial license for any creative work annual gross revenue under $100,000 USD.

BUSINESS - Full Commercial License. Grants you, the creator, a commercial license for any creative work annual gross revenue over $100,000 USD.

Can I capture more than one performer?

With Perception Neuron Studio, Axis Studio supports up to 5 performers. Replikant accepts multiple performers in real-time from Axis Studio.

What is the best case use for Perception Neuron Studio?

Because of its high dynamic range, Perception Neuron Studio is ideal for stunts and fast movement captures or whenever accuracy is an important factor.

Can PN3 and PN Studio be used in a single software?

No, although they both use Axis Studio Software, both systems cannot be used at the same time.

Can the PN3 use the PN Studio gloves?

No. Perception Neuron Studio systems must use the Perception Neuron Studio Gloves. Each REPLIKANT Animation Bundle comes with it's appropriate glove kit.

Does REPLIKANT have a trial version?

A REPLIKANT trial version was just released! It includes basic avatars, basic environments, and watermarked rendering up to 1080p.

More Questions?

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