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REPLIKANT + Perception Neuron Studio Professional Animation Bundle

REPLIKANT + Perception Neuron Studio Professional Animation Bundle

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A Perception Neuron motion capture sensor in the blue channel

Elevate Your Creations With High-End Inertial Motion Capture

Unleash your creativity with the state-of-the-art Perception Neuron Studio - a powerhouse of sensor technology and groundbreaking sensor algorithms. Designed to deliver unmatched precision in motion capture, this all-inclusive system opens up a world of possibilities for your animation projects. Step into the future of motion capture with Perception Neuron Studio, where every move is tracked flawlessly. Get ready to transform your creative journey!

Replikant's workflow is designed to be user-friendly, enabling creatives and brands to produce high-fidelity, next-gen 3D characters and digital humans.

With a plug-and-play Perception Neuron integration, create animated content & immersive experiences with ease. REPLIKANT enables creators of all skill levels to create studio quality content instantly.

*Software Available After November 15th, 2023. Pre-order today!

Perception Neuron Studio FAQ

What is Perception Neuron Studio

Perception Neuron Studio is a motion capture suit comprised of 18 sensors features professional motion capture hardware for production to biomechanics use.

Can I capture more than one performer?

With Perception Neuron Studio, Axis Studio supports up to 5 performers.

Can PN3 and PN Studio be used in a single software?

No, although they both use Axis Studio Software, both systems cannot be used at the same time.

What is the best case use for Perception Neuron Studio

Because of its high dynamic rage, Perception Neuron Studio is ideal for stunts and fast movement captures.

Do sensors sustain high impact?

Simply No. Perception Neuron Studio sensors house a battery and MEM chip sensor. We recommend avoiding impact on the sensors which may cause permanent damage.

Is your Axis Studio software really free?

Yes! We have never charged for the Axis Studio software and we remain committed to providing a complete software suite with no limitations.

Are your plugins free?

Yes! Plugins developed by us are completely free. 3rd party plugins developed by partners (like Reallusion or Notch for example) may require for you to pay to unlock features and use Perception Neuron.